3 Unexpected Things That Will Enhance Your Coffee

There’s nothing like brewing your own exceptional cup of coffee. You feel pride whilst enjoying a delicious cup.

A few months ago we talked about what it takes to brew coffee at home, and today I want to highlight a few things that are going to enhance home brewing.


No. 1 Water Quality

Water quality seems like some super nerdy aspect of coffee that really doesn't matter, but trust me, after the coffee itself water is the most important aspect of coffee. For starters a cup of coffee is roughly 98% water. So, you really want to get this part right.

There are many factors that determine what makes “good” water for brewing, but to keep it simple try using filtered water when you’re brewing at home. And if you want to talk about calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonates in water and their efficacy feel free to swing by the shop -- we can nerd out together.  


No. 2 Fresh Ground Coffee

Fresh coffee can mean a couple of things. First, you want to try and have coffee that was roasted recently. The longer coffee sits after being roasted the more the CO2 in coffee “off gasses.” This makes the coffee dull.

Second, you want to have coffee ground as fresh as possible. Ideally, you would grind coffee right before you brew it. Once coffee is ground the “off gassing” is expedited, and it will be dull within hours. Don’t have a grinder? We have a post detailing brewing equipment.


No. 3 Ratio

The coffee to water ratio is a term that most baristas are familiar with, but I would assume most customers don’t actually think about it. If you stop and actually think about this, it’s super important.

If you were baking a cake and just decided to scoop in flour until it looked like the right amount, you would end up with a wonky cake. In baking, weighing is often more precise than volume.

Coffee is no different.

Weighing the amount of both the coffee and water allows for an excellent cup, but also for a consistent product from brew to brew.

The ratio we use for drip and pour over coffee is 60 grams of coffee to 1 Liter of water.


Brewing at home can be daunting, It’s early in the morning and let’s be honest you just want that cup of coffee.If you want to brave home brewing -- just remember these three things -- filtered water, freshly ground coffee and an accurate ratio.With these three mantras you’ll be able to make better coffee instantly, and before you know it you will establish your own brewing techniques.

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