AMA: Emily Davis

This week, you guys get to enjoy an AMA from Emily Davis. Emily works In Counter Intelligence for Counter Culture and lives here in Atlanta. Her husband, Matt Davis, manages the Riverside location.

Why did you start working in coffee?

I started working in coffee by accident. After six years of working in IT, I moved to Atlanta during the great recession of '07 to find no jobs in my field. Out of desperation (for caffeine) I walked into a coffeehouse, asked if they were hiring, and was hired on the spot. Not really; they handed me an application and I was hired after they interviewed me.

Where did you start working in coffee?

Land Of A Thousand Hills

Briefly describe what you do for Counter Culture Coffee?

I manage the training and education program. This means I get to collaborate with some of the most brilliant and skilled minds in the coffee industry. It also means I spend the majority of my efforts organizing passion-driven insights, ideas, thoughts, and conclusions as well as directing curiosities to an end goal. What's the end goal? To enhance the customer experience through effective training and education.

Who is your coffee sensei?

Matthew Davis. Not only is he remarkably good-looking, he was actually the very first person to teach me how to pull a shot of espresso at LOTH and walked me through my very first pour-over back when Atlanta was still obsessed with french presses.  

What is your favorite coffee drink?

Oooooo man! That's a good one. My visceral reaction is always Idido! (A washed Ethiopian coffee from a massive cooperative in Yirgacheffe). But also, melted coffee ice cream of any sort. No joke.

What is your favorite non-coffee drink?

Water. Kinda boring, but very true. I love water, specifically from the ATL Training Center or in Miami-Dade County from the tap.

What's you favorite Atlanta spot?

Victory Sandwich Bar

What did you want to be when you grew up?

My senior year of high school, I apparently wanted to be an astronaut according to some papers I wrote. I do not remember this feeling or desire. But I cannot deny the evidence.

What is your favorite movie?

Hook, 10 months out of the year. The other 2 months, it's Christmas Vacation.  #bangarang

What do you like to do other than work for Counter Culture?

Listen to my kids (their brains are fascinating), play boardgames, make my husband laugh, drink wine, cartwheels, wink at babies, all the normal things.


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