Barista Shaming: Check Your Smugness at the Door

Unfortunately, I know many people that have ordered their favorite drink at a coffee shop, only to have the barista condescendingly roll his eyes.

If this has happened to you -- you’ve been barista shamed. And worse -- you paid for that experience. It upsets me that it does happen often, but if it does happen at Chattahoochee EVER, let me know.

Outside of the obvious Golden Rule of treating others as you would like to be treated, let’s investigate why barista shaming is wrong.

Fact No. 1, the most popular coffee drink from the past decade is the Pumpkin Spice Latte or the PSL. In the past decade Starbucks alone has sold more than 200 million PSLs. Simply put; People go bonkers for PSLs. And why shouldn’t they? It tastes like Thanksgiving and Christmas had a lovechild and put it in a cup.

Fact No. 2, PSLs taste good. Yeah, I’m gonna say it. Now I know I’m not the first barista to admit to this, but nevertheless it needs to be said. Anyone that likes coffee and doesn’t like things like frappuccinos or coffee ice cream is lying to themselves and to you.

Fact No. 3, PSLs do not showcase the coffee’s true characteristics. This is why most baristas say they don’t like them or shame people that do. BUT this is not a reason not to order the drink! If you are looking for yummy, Fall goodness -- get it. If you are looking for something true to the coffee, we can find another option for you.

Just the other day, Emily Davis from Counter Culture said, “Coffee tastes best the way you like it!”

I will leave you with these two thoughts.

No. 1, Customers come in and order with confidence. I love hearing how people enjoy their coffee and the reasons why they drink it.

No. 2, baristas, if you’re shaming your customers -- I hope you enjoy being unemployed.

That is all.



This type of barista shaming does happen, but as a former barista myself I was hoping the author wss going to talk about customers shaming baristas, which happens even more frequently. Baristas are not hopeless, lazy, dropouts with no ambitions. They deserve respect and shouldn't be shamed or talked down to by customers simply for being in the service industry.

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