Bring Good Coffee Home for the Holidays

As the year begins to wind down -- the holiday season winds up. And with that often comes travel. Whether you’re visiting family, friends or treating yourself to a vacation, one thing is missing. Your morning coffee routine.

Now I know that everyone secretly wishes I could just come on their vacation and wake them up with a perfectly brewed, fresh cup of coffee. But not only would this be super weird, in reality, it's also completely infeasible.

So how do we enjoy great coffee outside of our normal routines? I have a few suggestions for ya’ll.

Find the Local Joint

Now this can be hit or miss, but even in the worst of scenarios you get to explore and maybe try a new cafe. I love finding new cafes because it means I get to interact with other coffee professionals and hear how they do things. The issue with this option is, what if there isn’t a cafe’s around? If you are unsure of coffee shops in your vacation cities -- come talk to me -- together, we can track one down.

Exploring a new or old city can be a fun thing to do with friends or family -- or alone if you get a little antsy.

Bring the Brew Bar

This option is the most self sufficient. You bring everything. Your coffee, grinder, brewing device and kettle. You are literally a Vagabond Barista. This option is great if you’re traveling by car and you just love making your coffee every morning.

The biggest drawback to this option is that it can be hard to fly with it all. And it can also make you look like a total coffee snob if you show up to your in-laws with what appears to be an entire chemistry set for your morning cup. No beuno. However, it could win you points in the long run if your in-laws drink coffee.

The Greatest Gift

Now this option is the easiest and will often have the best results. The one caveat is that you must be staying with someone and not in a hotel. All you need to do is buy bag of coffee, have it pre-ground and give it to your host as a gift. This goes a long way. People love gifts and often people love coffee so it’s a win-win.

Now I know some of you might scoff at the idea of pre-grinding coffee and leaving the brewing up to the whim of some distant relative, but the reality is the best cup of coffee you can have is next to the ones you love. So throw a bag of Counter Culture coffee in the grinder, pack it up and enjoy the holidays near the ones you love.

As always feel free to swing by the shop if you need some cafe recommendations or need us to grind your bag of Counter Culture Coffee before the holidays.

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