Camping: Barista Edition

Fall is my favorite season. It’s a season of change and new beginnings. School is back in session and people just seem to be happy they made it through another year of heat waves. The fall also has football, Oktoberfest, my birthday, and camping. Yes -- the weather is cooling down and it’s time to get outdoors.

I love camping.

And everything about it. From being dirty to s'mores to smelling like a campfire. I love it all.

The one potential speed bump in camping is coffee. Let’s not forget that coffee is a luxury and having excellent coffee while camping can even seem like a pipe dream. But today I’m giving you the scoop on how I enjoy coffee while also enjoying the great outdoors.

I’ve decided to give a few options so folks can choose the level of involvement they desire.

The Minimalist.

This is the rough and tough, ultralight backpacker who needs their coffee about as much as they need to summit the next 14er. Some people might judge me for this, but hey sometimes you just need a cup of joe.

I’m talking about instant coffee. Yeah that’s right. The brown magical powder that just dissolves into water hot or cold. Again, I reserve this recommendation for those who may be flying and want their coffee packed before their journey or just want to stay as light and lean as possible. When it comes to brands, Starbuck Via is found just about everywhere you go. And if you want to add a little class to your instant game then try Sudden Coffee. It’s a newer company that’s elevating the instant coffee game and it’s not too shabby.

The Easy Goer.

This is the middle of the road, car camper who cares about their coffee, but also cares about getting back to the adventures of being outside. This method also might be frowned upon by some folks, but it’s darn delicious.

Cold Brew. But not just any cold brew. Slingshot, and not just any slingshot. Slingshot Concentrate mixed with equal parts boiling water. So this method is just a little more involved. You still have the option to have it hot or cold and all you have to do is heat up water. The minor drawback is you are carrying around a lot of cold brew that needs to ideally remain chilled until it’s used. This is ideal for the car campers who like to bring some creature comforts out into the wild. This is the coffee method I subscribe to most times I am camping.

The Overachiever.

This is the big leagues. This is for the individual that needs the full experience in the mornings to truly appreciate the coffee.

I’m talking about the Aero Press. The pros are it packs light and is pretty unbreakable. The con is the number of supplies needed. A grinder, some type of kettle, coffee, and filters. Essentially you have brought the coffee shop into the wild. I have had some amazing cups of coffee this way, but I will says it’s a good bit of work.

It’s like asking do you need a Ferrari to go to the grocery store? Of course not, but you look damn cool when you do.

So these are the ways in which I enjoy coffee in the wonderful outdoors. Stop by and lemme know how you make your coffee or if you just want to talk about the outdoors. I’m always down.



Well written and easy on the lips. Mmmm coffee calls me

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