Chattahoochee Offers New Summer Special: Slingshot Orange Spritzer

Looking for a new, refreshing summer drink? Searching for a cool, effervescent way to get you caffeine? Chattahoochee has you covered!

Our baristas created a new summer drink -- the S.O.S., Slingshot Orange Spritzer.

It highlights our newest product Slingshot Cold brew, made with Counter Culture’s Idido.

We wanted to create a refreshing summer beverage that pays homage to the greatest of all summer beverages: The Tiki drink. We also wanted to highlight Slingshot’s amazing cold brew and give you a new way to take your coffee.

“This drink IS summer. It’s cold, refreshing, and citrusy,” says our Chattahoochee Westside manager, Maggie Snow.

In order to make this cocktail, we take Slingshot concentrate and mix it with a brown sugar simple syrup. Next we add soda water infused with lime, then we squeeze a slice of orange into the drink and rim the glass with it. Last but not least, we garnish with a tiki umbrella for your drinking pleasure!

Our staff knows that enjoying coffee in the summer can be challenging, and we wanted to give you the ability to try it in a new way.

You can try the S.O.S. at our Midtown location, and be checking Instagram for an upcoming contest involving the S.O.S!

We will be open from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm on Independence Day, so make sure you come by and get your coffee before the cookouts and fireworks.


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