Chattahoochee Set to Host the 2016 United States AeroPress Championships

The AeroPress is quite an interesting little contraption. It’s a plastic plunger-like brewing device that brews a single cup of coffee in around 2 minutes. But today’s blog isn’t about how to use one, it’s about something way more exciting. It’s about how you can watch a professional use an AeroPress, up close and personal.

In less than two weeks Chattahoochee Westside will host the 2016 U.S. AeroPress Championships!

On Saturday, April 16 at 7 p.m., make sure you are at the shop. This event will have coffee celebrity judges, a DJ, carnival games, food trucks and even more surprises. Even further, our own Maggie Snow will be competing on behalf of Chattahoochee.

This championship decides who will represent the U.S. in the AeroPress World Championship.

Since 2008 there has been an AeroPress World Championship.The competition had humble beginnings in Norway, and since has been hosted in places like London, Melbourne and Portland, to name a few. This year, the World Championship is in Dublin, Ireland.

The AeroPress has a unique history. Its “full name” is actually The Aerobie AeroPress. That name ring a bell? The same inventors came up with the Aerobie Flying Ring in 1984. The inventor was Alan Adler. Twenty-one years after the flying ring, the same man invented the AeroPress.

Alan was searching for a quick and tasty way to brew a single cup of coffee. Thus, this device was born. In the beginning the AeroPress wasn’t a smash hit, but Alan’s tenacity and passion for his invention eventually paid off. What has transpired over the past decade can only be described as a cult following.

Please join us on April 16. You can observe history, root for the hometown hero and maybe even see Alan Adler himself. As always, if you have any questions at all -- let one of us know. We are also selling AeroPresses at the Westside location, swing on in if you want to try it out before the competition. 


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