Coffee FAQs

As soon as I tell someone I work in coffee, the questions start coming. Don’t get me wrong, I love answering all the questions -- but I am sorry that I monopolize the conversation at your dinner party.

Here’s a list of the questions I get most often (and some of the more common answers I give):

1. What’s your favorite coffee drink?

    It depends. I drink a lot of espresso because of work and I really enjoying the feeling of that first sip of great espresso in the morning. Other times it’s just a cup of black coffee -- simple and classic.

2. Do you hate Starbucks?

    Not really. I mean my entire industry essentially has Starbucks to thank for our existence. And while I don’t agree with everything they do, I can say that the most memorable cup of coffee I have ever had was at a Starbucks in Tokyo, after a month without drinking any coffee.

3. I don’t drink coffee, what should I get?

    Most coffee shops have a great tea selection and there are actually times that I want a nice cup of tea too. Gimme a well steeped Oolong and I’m a happy man.

4. Do you ever use a coffee maker?

    Personally, no. I have a similar set-up to what I use at work at my home. I really only make coffee for myself on the weekends anyway. But I recommend people look at The Moccamaster if they want a non-manual coffee maker at home.

5. Do you like “ex-presso?”

    I will never, and yes I’m speaking definitively, never correct someone on the fact it is espresso, not ex-presso. And in case you are wondering espresso literally translates to “pressed out” referring to the pressure needed to make espresso, not the speed in which it is prepared. And yes, I LOVE espresso.

6. Have you seen that movie Barista?

    I get asked this question at least once a week. I usually laugh a little on the inside and say, yes I have. The truth is I have lived it and frankly the movie is pretty accurate.

7. What coffee would you buy at the grocery store?

    If I cannot find Counter Culture, I buy Eight O’Clock or Community Coffee. They’re pretty basic, but at least they’re drinkable.

8. Where does coffee come from?

    This is one of the tougher questions I am asked, because the answer is not simple. So trying to have a concise answer that does some amount of justice to all the hard work that goes into each cup is a challenge. I start by telling people that coffee is a fruit and comes from a cherry. That alone is pretty eye opening and people generally want to know more. You can find more here.

I hope these answer some of your questions. But as always, don’t be afraid to ask me! I love to talk coffee.


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