Counter Culture Transparency Report: What’s It all About

In the coffee industry we hear words like fair trade, organic, sustainable, and transparency, to name a few. These words came seem like pleasant “feel good” jargon and sometimes they are treated as just that.

Thankfully Counter Culture puts its money where its mouth is, literally, and releases an annual Transparency Report. This is an unprecedented business move that is hopefully shaping the standard for companies in the future.

In my opinion, Counter Culture’s Transparency Report is truly amazing. It shows a true dedication to sustainability. It’s so integral to the company that it's a part of the mission statement: “Counter Culture is committed to real social, environmental and fiscal sustainability.”

On a tangible level that statement means that Counter Culture realizes that even though sustainable practices are not the most profitable option, in the long run they are best option.

How Does Counter Culture Focus on Sustainability?

By focusing on the relationships with producers and co-ops and realizing that sometimes paying more for a coffee is going to help foster trust and ultimately a lasting relationship. In 2015 more than 60% of the coffee Counter Culture purchased came from multi-year relationships.

CCC invests in their employees, by matching up to $500 of spending, per employee, to benefit environmental or personal well-being.

The company fosters the coffee community by providing one of the most comprehensive coffee education programs. Counter Culture wants to spread knowledge to create educated professionals.

Finally, Counter Culture releases a Transparency Report that details how much they are spending on coffee. To me, this is the most interesting part. We can look at every coffee that was contracted in 2015 and see how many pounds were purchased, the FOB price (a standard for measuring coffee price), the cupping score of the coffee, and much more. This is a massive amount of information, and in and of itself shows dedication to what Counter Culture says they believe in.

I will be the first to admit that I am a Counter Culture fanboy. I believe in who they are as a company because they ultimately believe in what they are doing, and that kind of belief is contagious.

So take a look for yourself at what Counter Culture Coffee has been up to in the past year. This page is beautifully laid out, interactive, and full of information. As always if you read something and don’t totally understand it feel free to come in and we can chat about it.

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