Home Brewing Guide Part 1: The Equipment You Gotta Have

​Over the past couple of weeks we have talked about brewing in many different forms and expounded on specific elements of brewing. This week (and next) we’re going to throw it all together and discuss how I brew coffee at home every day. My hope is that after reading this series, some of you would be willing to step into brewing coffee at home, sans barista.

The equipment list can seem daunting and unnecessary, but I promise it is all worth it. In fact, some of these items are multi-purpose kitchen tools.

Necessary coffee wares, in order of importance:

    1. Coffee - This one is pretty self explanatory, but also the cornerstone of a great cup of joe. Come on by either one of our shops and let us help you pick out a bag.

    2. A Brewing Device - I use a Kalita Wave. It’s compact and comes in stainless steel, so it’s essentially unbreakable. Oh, and it looks awesome! To go with this, you will also need Kalita filters.

    3. Grinder - I swear by the Hario Skerton. Yes it’s a hand grinder, but it has ceramic burrs and is a great value. You can even write it off as a daily workout.

    4. Scale - Get the Jennings CJ 4000 because it’s a workhorse. Honestly a kitchen scale is a great tool to have regardless of if you’re brewing coffee or not. Also if you missed last week, I discussed how important it is to weigh the coffee, read that post before you brew at home.

    5. Kettle - This is definitely not necessary, but it is super convenient to have. It allows water to be heated to a specific temperature, and it has a “gooseneck”, which allows for steady and controlled pouring. Any guest would be impressed to see this on your counter.

All of this costs roughly $150 and half of that is the kettle. So without the kettle one can easily spend under $100 and brew excellent coffee in his/her own kitchen. Heck, if you have Amazon Prime you can have everything in two days!

Seriously, we won’t talk about the steps for brewing until next week, so you have T-minus 6 days to place your orders. Come on by the shop if you have questions for me or want me to review your cart!

Disclaimer: I am not a spokesperson for any of these brands, nor is this the only great way to brew coffee at home. This is just one baristas preferred method.

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