Meet Our Managers

Meet Chattahoochee Coffee Company Westside and Riverside Managers

Chattahoochee Coffee has two of the greatest folks in the Atlanta coffee industry leading our teams at our Westside and Riverside locations. We thought you might want to know a bit more about them! Meet Maggie & Matt...our most magnificent managers!!

Maggie Snow

I have been in the coffee industry for a little over three years. I started back when our Riverside location was owned by another brand as a part time barista trying to make it through school. What I didn't know was, this was something that was going to be more than a part time job. This was something that was going to change a lot in my life. I fell in love with coffee-everything about it. I loved learning what made coffee extract better, taste better, and how the coffee industry can bring together people and build communities.

When our company grew into Chattahoochee Coffee Company and started providing Counter Culture Coffee, my love only grew that much more. I began to grow in my knowledge in coffee with the help of Counter Culture's Training Center here in Atlanta. As I grew more in coffee, I was provided with more leadership opportunities at our shops. I am truly grateful to be in the position I am in at our Westside shop and am excited to see it grow in the future.

My favorite drink typically changes between just a double shot of our single origin espresso and a Chemex. Since we like to rotate our offerings once a month, I always get to enjoy a different flavor profile. I will admit, though, that my guilty pleasure is a soy honey cinnamon latte (I am lactose free, so don't judge please).

If you come by the shop, don't hesitate to say hi! I would love to meet you and brew you up something delicious.  


Matt Davis

I fell in deep with coffee right off the bat. Being a commercial photographer prior to finding coffee, I was already obsessed with art and science. I stumbled upon specialty coffee in 2007 on my way to a photo shoot when the humble barista behind the counter happened to be the same person that roasted the coffee I was about to drink. A few sentences about where the coffee came from, what it might taste like, and why I should give it a try were enough to bring me back almost every day for the next couple of weeks. Four months later and I was a full time barista, part time photographer.

Fast forward almost a decade and I've worked at 5 shops, managed 4, and 3 of which I helped start from the ground up, and met some of the most inspirational people in my life. 

I've traveled across the nation and have tasted (and shared) hundreds if not thousands of different coffees from all over the world, produced by some of the most cutting edge coffee farmers, roasted by the most talented roasters, and brewed by the geekiest, smartest, and friendliest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Coffee is my vocation and my hobby and I can't imagine life without it. The fact that I have spent a 1/3 of my life professionally making coffee and yet every day I learn something new, is the reason I can't walk away. I'm married to one of Atlanta's most loved coffee professionals and about to welcome a second child into this world. I couldn't be happier.

My favorite form of coffee is just old fashioned filtered drip, however still to this day I am deeply fascinated by the science of espresso. Call it a guilty pleasure, but I'm a sucker for all things chocolate.

Also, I'm deeply fond of curiosity and am fueled by the questions of others. So be my guest. Ask away.