New Local Partnerships, Better Ingredients & New Coffee Packaging

Sparkman's Local Milk / Atlanta Fresh Greek Yogurt / Pacific Natural Foods, Counter Coffee Bag Re-Brand

Chattahoochee Coffee Company is proud to announce a number of changes to our offerings that will advance our goal of supporting local businesses and providing our customers with the highest-quality products and ingredients possible.

As of October 17th, we will be exclusively using milk from Sparkman’s Cream Valley dairy farm. Sparkman’s Cream Valley has been producing high-quality dairy products in Colquitt County, GA for nearly 50 years with milk from all-jersey cows without the use of artificial hormones, and adhere to environmentally sound waste management and soil conservation practices. We believe our customers will appreciate the difference in quality, which compliments the great flavors of Counter Culture’s coffees very well.

Along the same lines, we now happy to offer greek-style yogurt from Norcross, Georgia’s Atlanta Fresh Artisan Creamery. Atlanta Fresh uses locally-sourced milk from grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone-free cows to produce delicious yogurt in a number of flavors. We will be carrying mixed berry and peach ginger for starters, and other flavors will soon be available.

Our customers who prefer non-dairy milk can look forward to an upgrade as well. We will now be using Pacific Foods Barista Series all-natural soy and almond milk. Both are specially formulated to be steamed with an espresso machine and produce the same smooth, velvety texture that dairy milk does and are still vegan and gluten-free.

Our new dairy options also coincide with a rebranding by our coffee provider, Counter Culture Company. The new names and bright, biodegradable packaging are a fresh new look for the fresh and delicious coffee that Counter Culture has always offered.

The new changes at the shop will be accompanied by price adjustments which are modest, competitive in the Atlanta coffee community, and reflective of the high-quality products we are committed to offering.

More info on our new suppliers is available at, and