Three Drinks to Order This Summer

People in Atlanta love their summer treats. We’ve got King of Pops, Vintage Custard and the ever-classic F.O. Come to Chattahoochee and add another refreshing treat to your list. We promise any one of these drinks will cool you off and make you smile.


1.Cold Brew / Iced Coffee

If you are a person that needs coffee every morning or that afternoon pick-me-up, turn to iced coffee. Chattahoochee Westside now carries Slingshot coffee for all of your cold caffeine needs. This product is the best on the market. It is made in Raleigh, NC with Counter Culture’s Idido. You can add cream, sugar or a flavor -- but I recommend drinking it black. There truly is nothing like it. 

2. Iced Tea

I know we’re in the South, but I am not referring to the sweet tea you drank on your grandmother’s porch. I am talking about iced Rishi tea. We can turn any of our tea offerings into a refreshing summer drink. My personal favorite is the Tumeric Ginger. It has great health benefits and looks like liquid gold!

3. Italian Soda

Italian soda is soda water + flavoring. Meaning you have the chance to create your own soda. These drinks are so pretty and always refreshing. Great flavor options include; pomegranate, raspberry and vanilla. We also have lime flavored soda water so you can mix and match to create something truly unique. My favorite is raspberry lime.


Stop by this summer and try one of our iced options. Also, stay on the lookout for our seasonal beverage -- it surely will be a must-try!



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