Weekend Coffee Destinations: Part 1

You know I love Chattahoochee Coffee Company -- and to me, it’s the best shop out there -- but I know people will be traveling this summer, and I’d love to let you know some of my favorite shops outside of the ATL.

If you’re planning any quick road trips this summer, add these impressive coffee destinations to your must-see items.



First up -- the Scenic City. The ‘Noog is only an hour and a half up 75 N. It is an up and coming town that has cool vibes and some great coffee. If you’re in Chatt, check out;

The Camp House - Camp House is so different from Chattahoochee, and every other shop in Atlanta. It is a large space, complete with lots of gold accents and a crazy blue ceiling! The shop serves Counter Culture Coffee like us so there is familiarity in the menu. Additionally, it has an awesome food menu -- might I recommend a waffle. And say hi to Peter while you’re there!

Velo Coffee - What started out as a roaster that delivered its coffee by bicycle has evolved into a staple of Chattanooga culture. Velo has a very unique set up where you can see them roasting coffee while you’re enjoying your coffee. And for you coffee nerds out there, Velo has a Mod Bar. When you stop in, make sure you try the nitro cold brew, it’s called Nightrider.

Brash - Now even though they have a location just around the corner from Chattahoochee Westside, the original location is in downtown Chattanooga in Warehouse Row. It is a beautiful space with exposed brick and massive timbers. I’ve spent many an afternoon sipping on a cappuccino here while my wife shops.



One of my all-time favorite cities to visit, Charleston has everything you could ever want. At a little more than five hours away from Atlanta, you probably want to plan a long weekend trip to this amazing city. But I promise, you won’t be disappointed! Charleston has gorgeous beaches, insane food, tons of history and some stellar coffee.

Collective Coffee - Technically Collective is in Mt. Pleasant, but it’s worth the few minute drive. This shop serves Counter Culture Coffee, and it also has a full kitchen. The menu is expansive, but I am partial to the avocado toast or bagel with lox. Go to Collective for breakfast on your way to Sullivan’s Island.

Black Tap - Black Tap is a micro roaster that is doing it right. This space is small, but so airy and cozy you will think you’re in a Kinfolk magazine. It recently started roasting its own coffee, but it is truly fantastic. The baristas here have also perfected the lavender latte, if you’re looking for something different.  

As an added bonus, Charleston also has a Counter Culture training center you can visit. This place is like a candy store for coffee nerds, with gorgeous machines and coffee galore! If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi to Diego. PS It’s next to one of my favorite restaurants in the country, Xiao Bao Biscuit.

I hope I added a stop to your travel itineraries. These shops really are some of my favorites, and I have made some great memories in them. Let me know if you visit any of the ones I mentioned. If you are heading to a city I didn’t mention, but want a coffee recommendation -- just ask me! I’ve got coffee friends all over.


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