Weekend Coffee Destinations: Part 2 College Towns

Last week, we chatted about weekend destinations that would improve your summer break. This week, let’s discuss some of the best coffee shops in Southern college towns. I know people usually avoid “hitting the books” in the summer, but I promise, these two college towns will not disappoint


At 4 hours drive you’re going to want to make a weekend trip out of Nashville, but don’t worry there is plenty to do. You can get an amazing burger at Burger Up, enjoy some crazy vibes and stellar cocktails at No. 308, and marvel at the dinner at City House. On top of all of that here are a few coffee shops that you must check out.

Steadfast (Germantown) - This a beautiful space where some super cool things are happening. At Steadfast, you can get rested espresso drinks, flash-chilled iced coffee, and coffee cocktails, not to mention food, beer and wine.

Three Brothers - This is a unique shop because it is connected to an outdoor outfitter and bicycle shop. It’s literally a block from Vanderbilt University, and across the street from Centennial Park, which has a life size replica of the Parthenon. No joke and It’s legit.

Barista Parlor (Golden Sound) Barista Parlor sometimes gets a negative rap because of its “snooty” staff, but I will say I experienced some of the best service ever at the Golden Sound location. Barista Parlor has great coffee and amazing biscuits. This location was backed by Dan Auerbach, the lead singer of The Black Keys, so trust me when I say no detail was left undone.



Athens has a special place in my heart. It was my college town. I am, and always will be a Bulldawg. It is also where I got my start in coffee. And at only an hour-ish away, it’s an easy weekend destination. Before we get to coffee, let’s list some other things to do;

     1. Go to The World Famous:  This is the place to go for cheap beer, greasy food, and a good dose of athens-eclectic fun.

     2. Swing by North Campus: UGA is the oldest public university in the country. Take a walk through North Campus and marvel at the buildings, statues and history.

     3. Always Baked: Order a sack of nugs, and then report back to me.

As for coffee,

Two Story - Located in an old house in 5 Points, Two Story is a college student’s dream. Comfy couches, lots of rooms and the friendliest of baristas. They are also serve Counter Culture Coffee, so the menu will be familiar. Make sure to ask if Mike is there, and tell him Nathan sent you. This is where I began my coffee career.

5&10 - Now this is actually a restaurant so be prepared to enjoy one of the best dinners of your life, before you are served an exception cup of coffee. This is Hugh Acheson’s flagship restaurant and has the perfect amount of southern flare mixed in with haute cuisine. The beautiful front porch will pull you in and the casual atmosphere and immaculate food will make you want to stay. If you get a chance make sure to sneak over to the sun room to see one of the most fitting espresso machines.

If you do make any of these trips, please let me know! I would like to know how your experiences measured up and if you found any treasures on your way!



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