3 Unexpected Things That Will Enhance Your Coffee

There’s nothing like brewing your own exceptional cup of coffee. You feel pride whilst enjoying a delicious cup.

A few months ago we talked about what it takes to brew coffee at home, and today I want to highlight a few things that are going to enhance home brewing.


No. 1 Water Quality


Iced Coffee: Cold Brew vs. Iced Pour Over

Y’all, it’s hot. Like so hot you don’t even want to leave your house. Even if it is to go to the pool or beach -- it’s just too hot. For me, and most of you, it’s not too hot for coffee, though -- especially when you order it iced.

Do you know what you are really ordering when you order iced coffee? Do you assume it’s just cold coffee?

Well, if you do -- you’re going to be surprised. Iced coffee can be made in many ways -- none of which is just cold coffee. Today, let’s go over two methods -- cold brew and the iced pourover.

How are they Different?


AMA: Emily Davis

This week, you guys get to enjoy an AMA from Emily Davis. Emily works In Counter Intelligence for Counter Culture and lives here in Atlanta. Her husband, Matt Davis, manages the Riverside location.

Why did you start working in coffee?


The Coffee Shop Playlist

Most coffee shops play music. That’s just how it goes. It creates a space that’s less like a library, and more like an episode of Cheers.

Music makes it okay to make some noise in the coffee shop and feel free to have some conversation. And when it’s done well, the music in a shop creates an ambiance, and at its worst becomes a distraction to the customers. Most people probably don’t think twice about the music being played, and to me that’s a good thing.


Choosing the Tunes

There are a few decisions to make when choosing music for a shop.


Chattahoochee Offers New Summer Special: Slingshot Orange Spritzer

Looking for a new, refreshing summer drink? Searching for a cool, effervescent way to get you caffeine? Chattahoochee has you covered!

Our baristas created a new summer drink -- the S.O.S., Slingshot Orange Spritzer.

It highlights our newest product Slingshot Cold brew, made with Counter Culture’s Idido.

We wanted to create a refreshing summer beverage that pays homage to the greatest of all summer beverages: The Tiki drink. We also wanted to highlight Slingshot’s amazing cold brew and give you a new way to take your coffee.