Counter Culture Transparency Report: What’s It all About

In the coffee industry we hear words like fair trade, organic, sustainable, and transparency, to name a few. These words came seem like pleasant “feel good” jargon and sometimes they are treated as just that.

Thankfully Counter Culture puts its money where its mouth is, literally, and releases an annual Transparency Report. This is an unprecedented business move that is hopefully shaping the standard for companies in the future.


Movie Review: Barista

I recently watched a documentary entitled Barista. The documentary chronicles the journey of five baristas competing in the USBC.

Now, because I am someone who has competed in this competition a number of times and because I know personally know some of the documentary’s stars, I was really interested in seeing this film.


Why Don't You Always Have My Favorite Coffee?

Have you ever gone into your local shop, excited to enjoy your favorite coffee, only to be told that it's no longer available because it is not in season? That seems like a pretty crazy response. How does coffee have a season?

Coffee is a Fruit

The most basic way to think about coffee, is to think of it as produce. Coffee is just like the bananas you buy at the grocery store. Therefore, it is picked just like any other fruit.


Coffee AMA: Kylene Compaan

I know that you guys hear from me every week, and I figured it was time for a change of pace. So today I want to begin on ongoing series called Coffee AMA. In this series, I will interview another coffee professional, and we get to learn a little something about them. And what better way to start this series than by interviewing the owner of Chattahoochee Coffee Co, Kylene Compaan.


Why did you start working in coffee?


Our Fearless Leader!

Weekend Coffee Destinations: Part 2 College Towns

Last week, we chatted about weekend destinations that would improve your summer break. This week, let’s discuss some of the best coffee shops in Southern college towns. I know people usually avoid “hitting the books” in the summer, but I promise, these two college towns will not disappoint