Weekend Coffee Destinations: Part 1

You know I love Chattahoochee Coffee Company -- and to me, it’s the best shop out there -- but I know people will be traveling this summer, and I’d love to let you know some of my favorite shops outside of the ATL.

If you’re planning any quick road trips this summer, add these impressive coffee destinations to your must-see items.



First up -- the Scenic City. The ‘Noog is only an hour and a half up 75 N. It is an up and coming town that has cool vibes and some great coffee. If you’re in Chatt, check out;


Three Drinks to Order This Summer

People in Atlanta love their summer treats. We’ve got King of Pops, Vintage Custard and the ever-classic F.O. Come to Chattahoochee and add another refreshing treat to your list. We promise any one of these drinks will cool you off and make you smile.


1.Cold Brew / Iced Coffee


What is a Coffee Cupping?

Notes of sweet floral, melon and citrus.

This is how a coffee label reads.

Seems crazy, right? You may have encountered this on a menu or heard a barista describe a coffee in this insane way.

How does a coffee professional decide to label a coffee in that way?

The answer, a coffee cupping.

A cupping is another term you may have heard thrown around in a shop, but might not know what it is. Let me explain.


Guide to the USCC

The best of the best in the coffee world are about to descend on Atlanta. The reason? The United States Coffee Championship, of course.

The USCC is a huge event that encompasses the United States Barista Competition, Brewers Cup, Roasters Championship and Tasters Championship. This is where the crème de la crème​ (pun intended) of the coffee industry come to show they are the best in the country.

And this year, the event is right here in Atlanta!


Chattahoochee Set to Host the 2016 United States AeroPress Championships

The AeroPress is quite an interesting little contraption. It’s a plastic plunger-like brewing device that brews a single cup of coffee in around 2 minutes. But today’s blog isn’t about how to use one, it’s about something way more exciting. It’s about how you can watch a professional use an AeroPress, up close and personal.

In less than two weeks Chattahoochee Westside will host the 2016 U.S. AeroPress Championships!