A commitment to social consciousness

Our commitment to social consciousness means that we will partner with businesses and organizations (called "Justice Partners") making a positive impact in disadvantaged or at-risk communities around the world. Additionally, a portion of our annual budget is allocated for charitable giving. Check back at the end of a year for "Charitable Giving Transparency Report". See below for a list of our current Justice Partners.

  • Galeria dos Sonhos [Gallery of Dreams]:

    Galeria dos Sonhos is dedicated to sustainable development and eradicating poverty in Mozambique. They believe job creation is crucial to eradicating extreme poverty, so that is what they do.


  • Hope Soaps:

    Buy Soap, Give Hope. Hope Soaps partners with organizations across the globe in the fight against human trafficking.


  • Threads of Hope:

    Threads of Hope assists the economically oppressed in under-developed countries to establish home enterprises that will provide an income, through the development of products that can be sold world-wide.


  • Refugee Beads:

    Refugee Beads exists to give hope, community and economic opportunities to immigrants and refugees living in the USA.


  • Healing Kiss Lip Balm:

    Healing Kiss is an organization dedicated to healing hearts, healing lives...through healing lips. Their skincare & lip care products go to help children in La Paz, Bolivia.